Eat Happy!

Eat Happy!


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Documents & Other Resources

Medical Template Documents:
!! Please click on the link.  Then, in the new window, click FILE, and then click DOWNLOAD !!

*** Windows: Microsoft Word and Excel ***
Chronology of Events Template- WORD
Contacts-Diagnoses-Medications Template- WORD
Current Issues Template- WORD
Diet Hx Template- WORD
General Hx Template- WORD
Post Surgical Hx Template- WORD
Pre Surgical Hx Template- WORD
Previous Contacts Template- WORD
Prescription (Rx) Hx Sheet Template- EXCEL
Prescription (Rx) Sheet Template- EXCEL
Specialty Template- WORD
Testing Template- WORD
Treatment Template- WORD

*** Mac: iWorks Pages and Numbers ***
Chronology of Events Template- PAGES
Contacts-Diagnoses-Medications Template- PAGES
Current Issues Template- PAGES
Diet Hx Template-PAGES
General Hx Template- PAGES
Post Surgical Hx Template- PAGES
Pre Surgical Hx Template- PAGES
Previous Contacts Template- PAGES
Prescription (Rx) Hx Sheet Template- NUMBERS
Prescription (Rx) Sheet Template- NUMBERS
Specialty Template- PAGES
Testing Template- PAGES
Treatment Template- PAGES

Medicaid Virginia Expansion:
Medicaid Innovation and Reform Commission:
*This commission will be voting on the Medicaid Expansion under Obamacare.
*These documents will help you contact the legislators assigned to the commission.

MIRC will be voting on Medicaid expansion.  As part of the package, DSH (disproportionate Share Hospitals..... meaning out-of-state hospitals who accept Virginia Medicaid) funding will be cut off.  This means that Virginia Medicaid residents will no longer be able to receive funding for out-of-state care if Medicaid Expansion is passed.

MIRC Home Page
MIRC Public Forum: Submit a Comment

!! To download the files, please click on the link.  Then, in the new window, click FILE, and then click DOWNLOAD !!
MIRC Contact Information- Pages (Mac) File
MIRC Contact Information WORD (Microsoft) File

Other Resources:

Allerdine: Dining Out with Allergies


Feeding Tube Awareness.Org

Feeding Tube Awareness.Org Resources Page

Growth Percentiles

Growth Percentiles

Inspire Group: Preemies

March of Dimes

Oley Foundation

Probiotics For Kids


Beads of Courage:

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