Eat Happy!

Eat Happy!


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Vagus Nerve Damage & Digestion (Gastroparesis)


Dumping Syndrome Common In Children Following Nissen Fundoplication: PubMed

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  1. I found your blog through the blenderized group on Facebook. My daughter sounds so much like your little one!! She has always had problems with gerd, gagging, retching, vomiting etc. etc. We declined the fundo at the time of gtube surgery and managed to get the retching & vomiting under control for about a month w/ the drug periactin.. The vomiting is beginning to make a return =( . We started adding stage 1 baby food to her feeds last week and are slowly transitioning to blended diet w/ the help of a dietitian. I SO hope & pray that the blended diet will be our answer. Glad to have found your blog. Such a comfort to know that we aren't alone!