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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Details of Ian's preemie quilt: LITTLE HOUSE ON THE DAIRY

A great friend I grew up with made Ian a beautiful quilt a couple months ago out of all his old preemie clothes, hats, bibs, blankets, etc.  She is very talented and the quilt is very loved!  Please take a moment to visit her BLOG to see pictures of all the steps involved as she made this beautiful journey for us.

Here are some photos we have of Ian and the quilt when he was opening the box, but also some pictures of super-special squares.




A special burp cloth passed down to us

One of Ian's micro-preemie onsies

Both Ian's NICU shirt and first Christmas bib

Ian's first Halloween shirt that he wore in the hospital after his first surgery

Ian's first preemie bib

Ian's first Christmas onesie

Ian's Tucker Sling for his reflux as an infant

My favorite square... Ian's elephant and giraffe fabric
sleeper and the inside of the hoodie he wore to the
eye doctor for the first time


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  1. Ok... seeing all this together totally made me cry! Thanks for sharing all of these pictures. <3 to you and Ian both!