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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Where Does Your State Stand on the Medicaid Expansion Package Under the Affordable Care Act?

I am working on a Virginia Medicaid update about "out-of-state" coverage. It appears that is has something to do with the Medicaid Expansion Package in the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Essentially, as Medicaid expands and more people are covered, funding is being more strictly monitored. The Virginia Medicaid Program will increase its enrollment by 40% (400,000 new enrollees) in 2014 should it chose to opt into the expansion package. Governor McDonnell (R) did not support expansion. Our new Governor, McAuliffe (D) does support expansion and could be moving forward in 2014.

Here is an interactive map of how your state feels about Medicaid expansion. Depending on your specific medical situation, financial situation, and beliefs, you may swing either way. My intent is not to start a political battle, but simply to educate others on how their Medicaid may be affected. In our family, Ian receives a lot of out of state care because the care he needs is not available in Virginia where we live. This expansion package will take funding away for his out of state care because there will be more in state enrollees needing funds, which can be kept within the state.

Once again, not a political campaign, just an educational blurb to help you understand where you are in the Affordable Care Act in the state of Virginia. This interactive map shows how all states feel about the expansion. I will post other links, resources, and updates as I can gather and sort them. I will be making some appointments to visit with the necessary political leaders.

Where does your state stand on the Medicaid Expansion Package under the Affordable Care Act

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