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Eat Happy!


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Thursday, July 25, 2013

National Aquarium 7.2013

We took Ian to visit the National Aquarium a few weeks ago.  The aquarium is in Baltimore, Maryland, not far from family.  Tom and I visited about 10 years ago.  We had originally planned to take Ian last year, but plans fell through.  I'm glad it waited until this summer.... Ian had a GREAT time.

He loved seeing all the fish.  "Dory" was a HUGE highlight.  He also enjoyed the turtles very much.  There was a very large sea turtle who had a limb amputated a few years ago.  It was pretty cool to watch her swim around, using only three limbs.

Three-flippered Sea Turtle

The aquarium is about four levels.  It wraps around itself as it spirals to the top.  When you reach the top level, there is a rainforest exhibit.  There are all kinds of birds, plants, waterfalls, and even a few animals.  Most of them were high up in the trees, or hiding.  We weren't able to get very good views.  We were able to see beautiful colors and trees.  The sounds of birds echoed in the high ceilings.

Ian good little-boy fashion, Ian loved the froggies.  They had lots of cool poisonous dart frogs in bright colors.  Ian kept going "oh-wow" in his inside-whispering voice.  He liked when they were right up against the glass.  one of the even reached his hand out and put it on the glass right in front of him. "Hi froggie!"


It was pretty cool to see the sharks as well.  Ian was a little scared because the exhibit was so dark.  He liked watching them swim around in the tank with the other fish.  The rays were far more exciting than the sharks.

The jellyfish were my favorite exhibit.  They had so many different types, colors, and shapes.  With the backlight blue lights and large crystal clear aquariums, it is beautiful.

The last stop was the dolphin exhibit.  They no longer do shows, but watching them swim was very peaceful.  They were playing and splashing.  Ian kept laughing each time they would play.  He wouldn't sat there the rest of the day watching them play.


We had a really great day!