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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Summer Adventures

In the calm waves of Ian’s success, I have neglected to update his BLOG. Somehow, I have less time. Now I know that sounds pretty silly, that I somehow thought I would have more time with my a healthy toddler..... but I had always thought I would have more time to dedicate to these types of things when I was worried about a sick child. The truth is, I’m too busy letting him do the things he deserves to do, and that more than makes up for the little time I had before. Our summer was fairly low key, but the fall has been slammed, week after week, with outings and trips. Let’s wrap up the summer first...


Ian had a weekend filled with lots of painting fun. We worked on using them as a sensory activity. He was not thrilled with the finger painting, but we were able to get a few good minutes. His favorite part was dipping the brush in each of the four colors before painting.

And speaking of sensory fun... Ian had really been enjoying popsicles lately. While he has yet to finish one on his own, he enjoys sharing them with daddy. Working on the cold temperature has actually helped him with other foods. He will not eat some of his breakfast fruit purees cold, and even likes them that way at times. He very daintily tastes the popsicles, so the juice is usually everywhere..... but that even brings another sensory therapy into play..... tactile. He is still very icked out by the whole concept of ‘sticky.’



Later on in the month, Ian was able to spend a few great hours at a local park while we were visiting my hometown. He often plays on the ‘age-appropriate’ toys/lot, but we all know he would rather go climb with all the big boys. This time, the ‘bog-boy’ equipment happen to be empty, so we took a stroll over for him to climb... his favorite! He had such a great time running and jumping from piece to piece. It felt so good to see him having such a great time. THIS is what summer days for a toddler should be.

There was a high school baseball field behind the ‘big-boy’ lot. The park is actually on the grounds of my old high school. He and Tommy walked over and began playing on the field. Tommy had Ian hitting balls with his pretend bat. Once Ian learned that he got to run after “hitting” the ball, he picked up pretty quickly. He wanted to stop at each base and celebrate! He even had some fun standing up on the pitcher’s mound. I could see the little-league-baseball-coach gears turning in his head.


As August came to an end, we made an apple picking adventure. Since the fall was going to be so full, we were left with an August day. Thankfully, the apples were awesome! Ian had a wonderful time picking them from the trees. We even caught him having a few snacks. It was a pretty amazing thing to see him biting into an apple in the middle of an orchard. He didn’t want much to do with the delicious apple crisp and apple cake we made, but enjoyed it more directly from the source!


A local beach has a wine festival every year. Tom’s parents are members of an association that volunteers at the festival. For the second year in a row, we have been able to go as a long weekend family getaway. Since it is late September, and we are in Virginia, we certainly were not swimming in the ocean, or even lying out on the beach. Ian was initially excited about seeing the water. He did like the sand and wanted to walk around in his bare feet (another sensory (hurdle I never thought we would clear.) Once he saw, heard, and felt the cold water, it was all over. Not only did he want nothing to do with the water, but anyone who was down close to water really upset him. Thankfully, we were able to fill the weekend with miniature golf, french fries, walks on the boardwalk, and games... all of which he enjoyed.


On the way home from the beach, we stopped to walk around our old college campus at Salisbury University... or Salisbury State as we knew it. So much has changed and it was like being in another school. But, parts of it still felt very homey, and it was sweet to be back with Tom in the place where we met and became so close. The large administrative building in the front is lined with gorgeous white columns. Ian looked so small sitting on the front stairs of such an overwhelming building. It was pretty neat to see him running around our old campus.

As our summer came to end, I felt like our family was finally breathing in what felt like a huge breath of fresh air. It was refreshing, calming, and hopeful. Ian was stable all summer and we were loving every minute of it!

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