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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How To: Overnight Continuous

I know lots of mommies who use different ways to keep continuous feedings cold overnight.  My husband actually discovered this one.  It involves a few supplies in addition to a regular feeding bag and feeding extension:

IV pole or a Hook and place to rest the pump
Pack It Freezer Bag (original)
Dish Towels
Ice Packs
Farrell Valve Bag (with adaptations) (optional but recommended)
AMT Clamp (optional)
Medical Tape (optional)

I have used visuals to help.  I always learn better by seeing.  Food should ideally only hang for six hours without keeping cold, for health and bacteria reasons.  I hope this is helpful to families who are struggling to keep food cold overnight.

Pack Its have been a huge blessing to us and well worth the small-average price.  I can tell you that in the morning, some of the ice packs are *still* frozen and the food bag is quite cold!  Over time, sine they are hanging, the velcro does become less effective.  We used two of them for a whole year before this became a problem.


500 mL feeding bag & Farrell Valve Bag

Farrell Valve Bag with White Clamp locked just above Y port

Cut off Farrell Bag just above white clamp.
This gives additional tubing/line for length while sleeping.
We found the tubing on the feeding bag itself and the 24" extension is still not enough line to stretch to the end of and off the bed.

Discard removed piece of Farrell Valve Bag.
The Farrell Valve Bag was simply used for additional tubing length.
There will be NO decompression available with this set-up now that the bag has been removed.

Attach the barb from the feeding tube bag into the Y port of the Farrell Valve Bag, adjacent to the white clamp tubing.
This now adds extra tube length for freedom of movement while sleeping
and for length to reach beyond the end of the bed or crib.  Remember to LEAVE THE WHITE CLAMP LOCKED!  If not, your formula will exit that end and feed the bed!

Priming the bag can be done by the pump, or by hand.
The small droplet marking of the loop that inserts into the pump is used to hand prime.

Squeeze the droplet and pull back slightly.
While squeezing, also squeeze the feeding bag, using pressure to prime the bag.

Pack It: used to keep formula/feeding bag cold for extended periods of time
(up to 12 hours..... really!)

Open Pack It for placement of accessories

Place a dishcloth or hand towel into the bottom of the Pack It.
I found one loosely crumpled give more height than neatly folded.

Place three portal ice packs one-on-top-the-other at the LEFT side of the bag.
More or less could be used depending upon desired height.
Additional towels can also add height when needed.

Place feeding bag on the LEFT side of the bag directly on top the ice packs.

Make sure the bag is facing the inside of the bag.
*This positioning will allow for tube LOOP to be on the correct side for pump loading of ZEVEZ INFINITY pumps.*

Allow the loop to rest outside of the bag, behind the feeding bag.

Place another towel or two next to the feeding bag.
Make sure to fill the space enough to prop up the feeding bag.

Fold in sides of Pack It gently, pinching overtop the feeding bag itself.

The final set-up should look very much like this.


Hang Pack It on the pump attachment on the back side.

Pull loop around and insert into pump track and close the door.
There will be a slight pull, but not enough to kink or crease lines.
If this happens, more towels are needed for height and support of the feeding bag.

Finished Pack It and pump set-up on IV pole

An example of Ian wearing the BENIK belt during a daytime meal.

We run Ian's extension around his LEFT side and through a BENIK support belt.
We then fed it down his RIGHT short leg, allowing it to hang just inside the leg.

We attach the Orange barb on the *extra* Farrell Valve Bag tubing to the extension.
We like using an AMT CLAMP to hold the extension and tubing together.
We have "fed the bed" too many times.  This provides more security when Ian rolls around overnight.

We can easily access the medicine port overnight with the AMT CLAMP.

In addition, we often wrap sponge tape around the medicine port of the connection.
We have also "fed the bed" by an accidentally popped-opened medicine port.

A strong, secure connection is established after wrapping the sponge tape around the medicine port.
We chose sponge tape because it is strong, but easily removed for overnight medications, and then easy to re-wrap.

Since the tubing is fed down Ian's leg, it follows along his leg and down to the end of the bed/crib.

The tubing works best when it travels straight to the end of the bed/crib.
By hanging the tubing over the edge of the bed/crib, Ian can roll around without tangling himself.
Since the tubing is parallel to him, as he rolls around, the tubing moves with him, and not *around* him.
We do not ever hook-up Ian while he is awake.
He always plays with the connections...  But this could be done before the child/adult falls asleep.

The tubing runs off the end of the bed/crib.
With the 24" extensions and the Farrell Valve Bag line added on...
there is plenty of tubing to reach and hang loosely between the end of the bed and the pump on the IV pole.

We have been using this set-up for over a year now.  It works very well for us.  Having all the extra tubing (24" extensions and Farrell valve Bag tubing) has always been a plus.  Very rarely, Ian rolls around in the tubing.  Because of his support BENIK belt, AMT CLAMP and the medicine port sponge tape, we are more often than not signaled by an alarm of a kink in the line.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Very helpful. I haven't attempted overnight feeds since Ammon started crawling. I am glad there are solutions if we find we need them.