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Monday, February 4, 2013

Retching Episode 2.1.2013 - AM / Mucous / Vagal Response

Ian had another bad retching episode Friday morning, before heading to CHoR for feeding therapy.  It happened shortly after waking up.


Ian has been having retching episodes within a few minutes- to an hour after waking.  It involves a lot of mucous.  Antihistamines and steroid sprays have been unsuccessful.  Feeding tolerance is great right now and not causing retching.  We have recently started Atrovent nasal spray to help calm the vagus nerve and reduce mucous creations..... so far, so good!

Ian's fundoplication makes it difficult to move things around in his throat and the back of his throat.  He isn't able to clear his throat the same.... partially from the fundo, and partially because he is only two.

Hoping conditions continue to improve...... this is heart-wrenching to watch your child do.... EVERY DAY.

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