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Eat Happy!


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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Beaner-Bot & His MiMi- RSV Admission

Beaner-Bot & His MiMi...

Dear Ian: 

I wish you weren't so far away, 
And having such a tough, hard day. 
I wish that I could hug you tight, 
And tell you stories before "Good nights." 
I miss your giggles, and "uh-oh"s, 
Your eyes, your cheeks, your little toes. 
I can't wait until we are feeling well, 
Boy that day will be so swell! 
But until then just know you'll be, 
Constantly loved by your MiMi... 

I love you little buddy!! See you soon I hope! ♥ Meems 

Dear MiMi: 

I love my MiMi when she’s near, 
It’s oh so great to have her here. 
I like to call her A-Mi-Mi, 
Cuz she’s my special aunt you see. 
We take long naps and snuggle tight, 
She always kisses me goodnight. 
And when I’m sad and have bad dreams, 
I curl up close and hug my “Meems.” 
But when she is so far away, 
In my heart she’ll always stay. 

I miss you Meems..... but I’ll see you, in my dreams! ♥ Beaner 

***For never was a story of more love you see............ Than Beaner-Bot and his MiMi!***