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Eat Happy!


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Friday, November 30, 2012

My Thanksgiving Butterball

Thanksgiving is a large holiday for our families. As long as I can remember, I have been doing the “double dinner.” Growing up we always visited both sets of grandparents. When I got older, one set of grandparents came to live with us......... and so came all the family Thanksgiving guests. As a child, there were thirty or more people hustling all about for the holiday. Having the party move our to our home was a blast...... at least as a kid with little cooking responsibility!

I was always excited to share the Thanksgiving mania with my children. Last year was the first year we had the opportunity to do that. Being able to make it tradition this year was even better. Having him as part of both family dinners is amazing. Fortunately, our families are both within a 90 minute drive from us and each other.

Watching Ian play with Thanksgiving feast is pretty awesome. He is very interested in picking up the kernels of corn and touching the mashed potatoes. His actual Thanksgiving dinner was Cheez-Its and Cheese Curls. A true feast for my little butterball.

There were a few beautiful days around the holiday and we were able to take Ian outside. I was able to catch some great family moments on camera.

Contemplating life with Grandpa

Running around

Watching the Parade

Playing in the leaves

Horsing around with mommy

Family Photo

Slide time


Sporting my penguin hat

Playing with glowing battery candles

Grandpa, Nonna, and Uncle J

World Prematurity Day 11.17.2012

New York, New York

World Prematurity Day is a day to remember the more than one million babies who died this year worldwide, from being born too soon. Tom and I are very blessed to have our little preemie miracle with us everyday. I wanted to share some of the photographs our family created to honor the special day. I also wanted to share some awesome photographs of the world recognizing the special day.