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Eat Happy!


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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ian Modeling His New Benik Belt

He is such a clown!!!!  The Benik belt is a medical support device for G, GJ, J tubes.  It is made of neoprene and has stretch to it, and also velcro.  The belt stays in place and doesn't shift around.  The little circle portions come on and off.  The belt is adjustable and is able to grow with the patient.  The belt also comes with a turtle shell that covers the opening if you chose to use it.  When sitting and lying down, it kinda gets in the way sometimes.

An OT in Virginia invented them and now Benik sells them.  Insurance and/or Medicaids may cover them under Durable Medical Equipment or Federal EPSDT (Medicaid safety net).

The first one we had lasted 6-12 months or so.  They can be washed in the machine and hanged to dry. If sweating occurs to a degree of discomfort, we found cutting the top collar off a turtleneck helps protect the underside.  We took my dads old turtlenecks, cut off the collars, and put them around Ian's belly, under the belt, as a barrier during the summer months.

If using an underdressing, we found we needed to cut a small hole in it in order to feed the extension through and into the button itself.  They are also waterproof for pools and baths.  We also found that they work perfectly fine with button covers. and pads, or IV split gauze, if you use them as button absorption protection.

There are many wonderful belts on the market.  Many moms and nurses make awesome belts and support devices.  I have a lot of their links on my supply resources page here on the blog.  Since Ian is very short and small, the torso measurements never fit right.  And Ian needed the elastic!  He sleeps in them and wears one 15+ hours out of the day.

I did put together a sample approval letter with some language that can be changed as it pertains to you.  let me know and I can always email the file to you if you are interested.

My little model..... GQ, move over!!

Someone has the giggles

Benik Belt lying out flat, with flat flap cover

Benik Belt velcro clasp

Benik Belt opening for G, J, GJ tube

Benik Belt front flat cover

Benik Belt front flat cover placed over belt opening

Benik Belt Turtle Shell hard convex cover

Benik Belt Turtle Shell hard convex cover over belt opening

Benik Belt Turtle Shell hard convex cover over belt opening