Eat Happy!

Eat Happy!


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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A CHOP & A Wiggle

Monday, August 6th, Ian was discharged from CHOP. He is on a very similar feeding recipe and regimen as before the surgery, but some progress has been made. His healing is progressing very nicely. Peak inflammation is 10-14 days after surgery. We are officially past those days and hopefully swelling is subsiding more day by day.

Ian seems to be trying to eat more readily now. He has been trying chips, Cheerios, spaghetti, Cheez-Its, and all kinds of things. Tom and I are going on a shopping spree this weekend to get him on a Glycemic Index diet. Ian needs to be eating to stabilize his blood glucose. The Glycemic Index is actually a very healthy way to eat....... needless to say Tom is not excited! While we don’t have to do a complete overhaul, I think it is important for us to follow the same eating rules around Ian for most of the time. We want to make sure we are teaching him to eat with the foods that are good for him.

Trying some Vegetable soup at CHOP

Yummy soup!

Our first follow-up at CHOP is Thursday and hopefully we can get a great report. We are also going to be discussing Ian’s weight gain and calorie intake. Since the little tike hasn’t gained any weight or grown in 5.5 months, we are a little concerned. Despite his vomiting, diarrhea, and active lifestyle..... he is still behind.

Once home from CHOP, we only had about 5 days before Ian had a fun event planned. Months and months ago, long before the surgery was scheduled, we purchased Ian WIGGLE’S Concert tickets. He enjoyed watching the Wiggles sing and dance. Three of the four are retiring from touring this year. Ian loves them the way they are, so we thought we would give him a treat. 

Wiggles Farewell USA Tour: Hershey, PA 8.2012

I’ll make sure to follow-up once we hear more from the surgeon on Thursday. So far, Ian is doing very well and making good progress. (Somewhere inside I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop) I hope things can stay on the up-spiral.... we need the rest... although we are always thinking of those struggling and those experiencing less fortunate days than Ian. As we left CHOP, I was reminded of all the beautiful children who were not going home that day, and those who need continual prayers and hugs. We are only one of many families struggling and the roller-coaster goes on.........