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Eat Happy!


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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Endocrinology Update

Ian's endocrinology appointment went well. The Dr. does not believe that all of Ian's grow retardation is due to feeding and nutrition troubles. With significant intrauterine growth restriction and prematurity, is catch up growth is lagging significantly.

Since he is not happy with his weight, nor height, he is definitely considered a candidate for growth hormone injections.

However, he would like to wait until after the hernia repair and evaluate how he grows after that. If by November, he is still significantly behind, we an begin growth hormone injections after reviewing protocol and risks involved.

Since two problems are contributing to his growth problems, one needs to be settled before the other can be addresses.

Also, Ian needs I have some blood work to evaluate his thyroid first. This serves two purposes, one to make sure it is functioning properly and not causing growth problems, but also to make sure it is safe for hormonal therapy.