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Eat Happy!


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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Yesterday afternoon, Ian was discharged from the hospital.  With no signs of bleeding since our arrival Friday morning, the doctors felt he was stable enough to be at home.  We will be calling CHOP tomorrow for a Thursday follow up appointment at their request.
The pediatrician reiterated to us yesterday that she feels as though the bleeding did stem from the nose.  She is able to see a small clotted area that may have been the source.  The verdict is still out and we may or may not ever be able to confirm the answer.
The CHOP doctor will be seeing us Thursday and he will being doing an Upper GI series to view the hiatal hernia.  He mentioned to us that sometimes those radiographs are misread and the chances of a hiatal hernia could still be up in the air.  The barium swallowed in the upper GI series will show movement and hernias.  The main issue as I see it, is how are they going to get Ian to drink the barium?!? ... and the last time Ian had barium, he pooped an enormous piece of white chalk!! ... very traumatic experience for little Beaner, and for mommy.  Hopefully, even if there is a hiatal hernia, it won’t be serious enough to be causing problems....... or bleeding.  We will have to see what the study shows.

Here are a few studies about herniated Nissens.  Research on these things is not fabulous, but briefly overviews what "might" have happened to Ian.  I have also included a picture of a Nissen Fundoplication and a Henriated Nissen Fundoplication (A type of Hiatal Hernia that Ian might have.)

On Wednesday, we visit the ENT for Ian’s one year hearing test.  We were supposed to do this back in the fall, but too many other things were going on!  Conveniently, this is the ENT that the pediatrician at the hospital recommended we see to have Ian’s “situation” evaluated after the bleeding episode.  Since Ian has chronic respiratory and sinus congestion issues, nosebleeds are not a surprise.  I’m not sure what he will say, or if we will need another appointment.  Our appointment is with his nurse practitioner, so maybe she can guide us.
Since being back home, Ian seems to be a little more trusting.  Being around only familiar faces, his fear has subsided.  The last 7 days were not easy for him.  Thankfully, the MRI and CHOP appointment testing for blood sugar all brought good results.  Overall, Friday was the only negative visit... but try explaining that to a 16 month old who is continually being stuck and poked!
This week, it seems like he seems to be punishing me for buying a white crib.  Friday morning, it was covered in bright red blood, and today... POOP!  We had a major “poop-plosion” as I call them.  The blankets and crib were smeared with poop.  As a new mother, this was something I never considered when purchasing a crib!  Although we do love his white furniture and it brings a sense of calming to such an eventful little boy!
On a much happier note, Ian has started saying “mom.”  It was always sweet to hear the  “ma-ma-ma-ma-ma” that would roll off his lips, but the sweet, short, “mom” brings little pursed lips that can only make you smile!
He continues to gravitate to the stairs... they are certainly his favorite “toy” at this time.  He likes to sit on the bottom stair and swing his leg back and forth over the edge.  His other leg rests on the stair and his arm up on the next step up.  He seems to be chillin’ there waiting for something... only to climb down, and then do it all over again.
The next few days brings more doctors appointment and follow-ups.  Hopefully, we will continue to get good news and things can start heading back in the positive direction.  We are in some serious need of boredom...... or several cases of good wine..... or maybe both! ;)