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Sunday, December 9, 2012

RSV Admission Day

Ian has been admitted to Fairfax hospital for RSV. Hospital admission #9 for 2012. Ian has been sick for almost a week now and things went down hill yesterday pretty quickly.

The stomach virus he had made a turn for the worse. Overnight, his blood oxygen levels measured accurately in the upper 70s and low-mid 80s..... Very unacceptable!

He is on 4 liters of oxygen which is pretty high. He is still able to get all his fluids and food through his G-tube for now and has no IV. If he stays stable, we can probably dodge one.

It's going to be a good number of days before he can go home safely. After all the respiratory issues in the last 4 months, I wouldn't be surprised if they send Ian home with oxygen this time.

Please send lots of hugs and positive thoughts for our sweet little boy who has been sick since early September..... One thing after another, with only a week break over Thanksgiving, thankfully! ;)

We are waiting for a room and I'll make sure to keep everyone updated.

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