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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jurassic Orthotics

Ian picked up his new SMO orthotics last week. The first day, he wore them for one hour. Each day, he has been adding an hour or so. Today, he wore them pretty much the entire time he was awake, about nine hours. He seems to actually enjoy them. He likes to help when we put them on and tried putting them back on after we take them off.

We had been wondering if he would hate wearing them. The orthotist said most children love them because they offer support they don’t get otherwise. He also mentioned that sensory seeking children in particular enjoy wearing them. The deep pressure from the tight fit of the orthotic gives them the extra sensory input they desire. The orthotist was right, Ian certainly does like them so far. Fortunately, he never plays with them once they’re on his feet.

Being the super cool kid that he is, he needed super cool orthotics. We let him pick the pattern for the hard plastic. It was a tough call between the farm animals and the dinos, but the T. Rex prevailed. He picked blue for the velcro straps. The double velcro strap is what secures the orthotic around his foot and ankle. Ian had no trouble showing off his new kicks!

Ian’s case was caught very early. Thanks to other PT issues, we were in the right place at the right time. Since his case was caught so early, his treatment time is about 18 months. That means he should be all finished before elementary school at the latest.


As a refresher, Ian is wearing the SMO orthotics to help correct pronation. His lower extremities are trying to compensate with his knees. As a result, his thighs and knees are touching, but his calves are apart. He is the opposite of bow-legged if that helps create a visual. Because of the hypotonia (low tone) in his feet, his arch collapses and creates a “flat footed” nature. The foot then collapses inward, creating a situation where the foot rolls in to the center. The knees and legs follow.

Pronation of foot & ankle from Hypotonia

** Ian's orthotics corect his ankle & his foot. **
** This is why "in-shoe" orthotics aren't appropriate. **

Genu Valgum from hypotonia foot pronation
** This is not a photo of Ian **
** But is an excellent visual of his stance. **

Ian's piggies in his super cool dino SMO orthotic

Ian's size 6W Saucony sneakers fitted by Stride Rite
(2 sizes larger and a Wide)
Insole removed for depth

Ian's size 6 Tsukhihoshi Maru orthotic sneakers fitted by Nordstrom
(2 sizes larger, not sold in Wides, but shoe is cut wide)
Insole removed for depth
Sportin' his new kicks!

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