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Monday, December 10, 2012

Growth Hormones, Metabolic and Mitochondrial Diseases

In addition to the RSV, we spoke with his Endocrinologist at CHOP today and will be running cortisol and ACTH labs in the morning, along with some labs to look for metabolic and mitochondrial disorders based on his issues. It is best to test these when you are sick. The cortisol will simply show an elevated level..... indicating that it would normally be lower. They would want it to be a more "
normal" level now if he is deficient regularly.

We will be beginning growth hormones in January (after the paperwork is completed). It is based one is Intrauterine Growth Restriction before birth and his small for gestational age at birth (measured 26 weeks even though he was 29 weeks).

Ian has had pretty much less than 10% catchup growth. it should be closer to 90-95%. We have reviewed the risks and have decided that based on his systemic issues as well as the growth issues, he would benefit from extra "growth" per say. It can help organs grow, change appetite, and even help with immunity in some cases. Ian is a good candidate to start earlier.

We did get some results from the bone age x-ray done at CHOP about 2 weeks ago. he is measuring a little behind. No exact range was given, but the way he mentioned, I would guess about 4 months or a little more. He said this mostly is to supply a good baseline for future bone age x-rays.

They will be running Ian's labs in the morning. The geneticist has some she would like to run while he is sick for metabolic and mitochondrial disorders. Also, the Endo will be running the cortisol labs. The cortisol and ACTH should be higher since his body is in crisis. A "normal" value would indicate that typically his body is much lower and would indicate deficiency. The concern is that Ian is on many steroids for his issues, that it would suppress natural adrenal gland steroid production biologically.

While not a HUGE deal at this point.... when he comes off the prescription steroids, he will then be deficient, and would most likely need supplementation. It is all up in the air right now. We are also waiting for the immunity labs to come back to show any immune system deficiency. Antibody levels may be low, and not recognizing previous illnesses. instead of protecting them, they float around and aren't doing their job...... or there aren't enough to keep up with the workload.

Mitochondrial diseases and metabolic diseases sometimes overlap in category. Fatty acid oxidation disease is a type of mitochondrial disease. This occurs in a small group of HELLP syndrome born children.

More on all those details as they come up.

Mitochondrial diseases

Fatty acid oxidation metabolic diseases

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