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Eat Happy!


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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Hurricane

Monday and Tuesday were a cold, wet, windy mess! Hurricane Sandy swept through the entire eastern seaboard. As residents of the DC metro area, we certainly were in the line of fire for the storm. While not hit as hard as NYC and NJ, Washington DC did have some serious damage as well.

Gloomy Day

The winds were strong enough to knock out our power and rattle the windows here in northern Virginia. Tom, Ian, and I spent most of the day reading books, watching videos, and playing games. We lost power at 6:30P. When the power went out, Ian seemed unfazed. His only concern was that Thomas the Train went away. He didn’t seemed to be scared. We had to make sure he was nearby the candles. He kept wandering around the corner looking for things.

"It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown"

We gathered everything for bed and finished his routine. The three of us snuggled up in our bed. tom was just getting ready to hook up the pump for Ian’s overnight meal when the bathroom nightlight came on. Our power was only out for about two hours! We were very lucky! Of course, Ian was a bundle of energy. He was jumping on the bed and falling over all the pillows. Ian loves pillows!!

Oooooooooo, Spooky!!

Pillow Time

We decided to give Ian a try sleeping in his bedroom. He has the corner room and the wind hits the bedroom side of the house (his and ours) very strongly. We back up to a field and that side of the house is first in line for the wind tunnel. Often, Ian wakes up crying from wind against his bedroom walls. Ian must have been very tired because he slept with no problems. He only woke once. He has still been having some throat pain and belly cramping form the antibiotics. 

Today (Tuesday), we had another lazy day. It did rain all day. Tom has been home the last two days because of the hurricane. It has been really nice to have two full family days, just us three. We had fun watching a few more videos and playing Sesame Street.

Playing Letters and Numbers Matching

Tomorrow is Halloween. Ian is having a costume party at Preschool. We practiced his costume a bit the other day. He is an Angry Bird. We wanted to make sure he had enough plastic bags to “fluff” him. He looks adorable....... and not the least bit angry. We are planning to trick-or-treat for a bit tomorrow evening in the neighborhood.

The CUTEST Angry Bird that ever was!!!

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  1. Sounds like quite the adventure! Hope you have fun Trick or Treating. Love you, lots.