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Friday, October 5, 2012

45 Minutes Leads to Ambulance Ride

Ian Post-ER Update

Last night, Ian’s attack lasted 45 minutes. It did not respond to the Nebs and he was looking lethargic and floppy. He was turning shades of red and purple and was clearly not coming out of it on his own. The 911 dispatcher was wonderful and stayed on the phone while we did Nebs with Ian. The paramedics said that this is NOT the first kid today they have seen like Ian. The asthma and virus combo seems to be very high in our area right now.

Sorry this took so long to get posted..... it was another tiring day. We arrived home early this morning from the ER. The doctors took chest radiographs and found no pneumonia. However, they did find Bronchiolitis and mucus in the lungs from the severe inflammation. I have heard pneumonia can take days to show up on a radiograph, so, technically, we can’t be for sure...... especially since Ian is already being treated with steroids and Nebs.

The clinicians seemed to think it look very much like RSV. The test came back negative, thankfully. The final conclusion was that Ian has an unknown virus he contracted while recovering from his common cold about a week ago or so. Since he is already taking the Orapred and Nebs, there was nothing else that could be done. They did give him a Neb treatment in the ER before discharge.

Our follow up instructions were to continue what we were doing already. According to the ENT, pediatrician, and ER clinicians, the tonsils seem to be playing a huge role. Between the cold, virus, dysphagia, severely inflamed tonsils which are way too oversized to begin with, and an heightened vagal response, and reactive airway disease-asthma, it is no surprise why Ian is responding the way he is now.

We had a pediatrician appointment scheduled as a follow-up to the initial appointment already. We did need to see a doctor at the practice Ian has never met. Thankfully, there wasn’t much to do. I wasn’t overly impressed, but the job got done. The steroids are working as quickly as they “should” be, but they are helping. Ian has not been coughing today, only the attacks. He did have 5 attacks today, counting the 2 overnight that sent us to the ER. He had three after arriving home. They are fairly severe, but the Nebs help a little more, and they are getting to be fewer.

Ian is comfy in his awesome ComfyLift bed. I would highly recommend these for any child with airway and/or reflux/GI issues at night. Thank to Sheila, we have one.... and are in the process of trying to bill the insurance and medicaid for another. Medicine port and pull out disasters are rare, but do happen and wreck havoc on a foam mattress over the years...... Ian is not helping!

The worst part is that, like RSV, there isn’t much to do except ride out the virus. No antibiotics can help because it is not bacterial. We do have an Ammox Rx if we find no relief comes and we may need a sinus script med.

Tom and I got a little sleep this morning and this afternoon. Ian had some attacks while he was sleeping after arriving home..... but nothing that lead us to the hospital. He had a great afternoon and was playing. Ironically, last night, the last hour we were there, Ian was running around laughing and hugging nurses, playing. We pretty much had the pediatric ER to ourselves and we recognized lots of nurses from previous visits. We played catch-up and Ian schmoozed all the ladies. This is truly THE HAPPIEST SICK KID I KNOW. He can go from 0-100 in a matter of an hour or so at times. You gotta love this kid!!!

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