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Eat Happy!


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Sunday, September 23, 2012


I have a very brief update to throw in about Ian and his communication skills. We have been working a lot with Ian on sign language skills and pronunciation of sounds. Yesterday he started saying bubble. Other than the occasional Elmo, or his half-a-word for duck and dog, this is one of his first words. He was saying it again today at Gymboree. Most parents experience this earlier than we are, but it is very strange to start hearing your child telling you things, as opposed to the other way around.

We have also been working quite a bit with sign language. Ian signs “eat,” “drink,” “more,” “please,” “thank you.” We are working on “hurt.” He seems to pick up on them pretty quickly. He sometimes has trouble doing them without us asking if he needs something. Whenever we mention it or ask, he always does the signs.

We are very proud of him. He has an appointment with the school system in our county tomorrow about his speech and physical therapy delays. We will also being working with an awesome speech therapist at our clinic in November. With Ian attending preschool two days a week, going to Gymboree twice a week, and also taking swimming lessons, he is getting a lot of exposure to interactions he needs to learn.

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