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Friday, September 14, 2012

It's Off To School We Go

A few months ago, Tom and I decided it would be great to have Ian in a Preschool program where he could be exposed to other children his age who are talking and eating. Since there are so many programs, we first had to narrow it down by who would accept him. Because of Ian’s special medical needs, there are few who are certified in these types of needs. 

What we found very quickly was that none of the ones near us have these certifications. A little annoying, but then again, I wasn’t about to push sending my kid to a school who really didn’t want them there. The best places for Ian to attend ended up being church based programs. While these preschools function in a church under religious affiliation, they tend to be fairly neutral Christian based.

We happen to enjoy the opportunity to Ian learn about Christianity and participate in activities such as Christmas pageants and Easter egg hunts. The kids get to do lots of other fun things. Trips to pumpkin patches and fire departments are planned throughout the year. The school also hosts “Mother’s Day Tea” and “Donuts for Dad” each year.

Before heading to school, I took a few photographs of Ian and his book bag. I know, a book bag! Ian needs a bag for communication folders, projects, and lunch box. He is adorable with it on his back. Lots of times, he only wears it briefly since it is so big!

Sportin' My Sweet Back Pack

All Ready Mom!

The first day of school was lots of fun for Ian. He had a great time playing with the other children and enjoying the playground. Apparently the fact that I wasn’t there was no issue. Thankfully, it was not an overly emotional moment for me, other than being proud of him and feeling hopeful. He waves to all the kids when he leaves and the kids are always excited to wave back and say goodbye.

We are so glad Ian is with other kids and enjoying his time at school. He attends two days a week for five hours. They are very accepting of Ian’s medical issues. Thankfully, we are able to arrange Ian’s schedule so he doesn’t have to worry about food while he is there.

As I was dropping him off today, I took some new pictures of him walking into the school.

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