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Eat Happy!


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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ian's Second Birthday Party 9.2.2012

Today we celebrated Ian’s second birthday. He will be TWO tomorrow, 9.3.2012.  It was wonderful to have such a big party after having a very intimate and small family party last year for his first birthday. In only 19 days, we will be celebrating Ian’s first “tubie-versary.” We had a lot of fun today and had a large group of family and Ian’s Godparents. Since we have such a large family, we ended up with about 30 people.

We bought Ian a Thomas the Train cake made entirely of cupcakes. Most of his decorations were Sesame Street, mainly Elmo....... no surprise there! He got lots of great toys and some warm new pants for the winter. Ian played with the cupcake a little and did lick it once, but that was about the end of the cake “eating.”

Thomas the Train Cupcake Cake

Getting ready to lick the cupcake

We also opened Ian’s presents from “Sesame Workshop.” A few months ago, we wrote a letter to Elmo and Kevin Clash about how Ian always carries his Elmo things with him in the hospital and when we travel, and that Elmo always makes him smile. Elmo has been his first “real” and full word after momma, and dadda. They sent a Rock’n’Roll Elmo with other instruments, stuffed animals, a video of Elmo wishing Ian a happy birthday, and a few others things. The personalized letter and Elmo-Kevin Clash autograph was really wonderful.

Reading with Grandpa

Right now, our dining room looks like an explosion of presents, mixed with party-ware. I am sure tomorrow, on Ian’s actual birthday that he will want to play with all his new toys. After a long day of splashing in puddles, playing with toys and puzzles, and running around in all the people...... we are all exhausted and I am sure we will sleep well tonight! I feel like Grover........

Yeah Grover......... I'm tired too!

** As I think of how wonderful Ian’s day was despite all the trouble he is currently having, I am always reminded of children not able to enjoy these types of special days as fully as they should be. One little boy in particular comes to mind. We continue to thank you for all the thoughts and prayers for Ian and remembrance of the children struggling to be healthy.

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