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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Busy Day of Doing Nothing: The Day After Surgery

Yesterday was a long, busy day of doing nothing. Those of you with kiddos in the hospital know exactly what that means! Lots of visits form doctors, lots of small advances, lots of sitting around, and lots of waiting. By the end of the day, we could definitely tell we had taken steps forward.

In the morning, Ian’s surgeon, along with lots of other residents and departments came for Ian’s daily visit. They always begin at some UnGodly hour of the morning; thankfully CHOP usually begins after 7am. Nothing is worse about “news” than having the doctors come in to tell you updates and plans at 5:30 am when they wake you! You never remember anything!! One of the big things we mentioned was Ian’s pain medications. The morphine was doing nothing but knocking him out for 2 hours. That’s al fine and good, but he is allowed a dose every 3 hours. With the Toradol being every 8 hours, Ian had a lot of painful time when he wasn’t sleeping. Dr. Blinman moved him over to Nubain, a non-narcotic that’s in the narcotic family...... don’t ask me, I don’t know.... ;) This new med won’t slow his gut like the Morphine. Slowing the gut after “gut” surgery didn’t seem like a good long term plan anyway. 

Ian was cleared to have oral food as desired. He was cleared for the three “S’s” as they call them...... sips, sweet, soft. He had a little juice and about 30 cheerios. He also wanted a few sips of juice and chewed on tiny bite off a french fry. Along with 1/3 of a chocolate chip cookie..... this was the largest smorgasbord of a meal Ian had eaten since surgery last fall. He was very hungry. They didn’t do any tube feedings today and will being those this morning sometime. They will be playing around with new “recipes” to see what he needs based on new dumping patterns..... or lack of them. They will be testing his blood glucose to feel out the new plan.

Ian did sleep better last night since there were fewer interruptions. He even is sleeping on his belly now and seems most comfortable that way. He still draws his little legs up underneath him like a little bug. He enjoys snuggling up to and even lying on his little Gloworm. He likes falling sleep to his little light-up face. I have been staying in the bed with Ian. Somehow, children always migrate to the middle of the bed.... no matter how big the bed. I end up being smashed against the side. Thankfully I can put the rails up...... I might get pushed off without them!

Ian was able to get out and walk around yesterday, and even took some wagon rides. He began his usual schmoozing of the nurses. Most of the CHOP nursing staff is very young and super cute.... Ian has a blast with them! I can’t say my husband is complaining either!! With my “super-adorable hospital mommy look” (haha) of two day old hair and sweatpants, it’s a little rough in my book. ;) But, they are wonderful to Ian and to our family....... so who cares!? We have been so happy with the nurses. Some of the others simply barge in and make lots of noise at all hours of the day.

The hospital has BINGO everyday at 2 pm on channel 51. Ian slept through it yesterday, but I am hoping today can be a BINGO day. It would also be great if he could venture to the playroom and move around. We did make a trip to the atrium yesterday on the first floor, but not much as going on. Ryan Seacrest created a radio station here years ago. Maybe we can go watch them do some cool stuff? Thank goodness, for us “super-adorable hospital mommy looking” mommas, Ryan Seacrest doesn’t ACTUALLY do the radio station!

We continue to stay strong and feel blessed for all the support we have. I realized this morning, after discussing it with my mother-in-aw yesterday, that I am part of 11 support groups and pages online. Between fundoplication, reflux, feeding tube, preemie, HELLP, and miracle baby groups, I have the best medical support from families!

I will make sure to keep everyone posted as our second post-surgical day moves forward. Hopefully it will be filled with more smiles and laughs...... we were able to steal a few yesterday! ;)

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  1. Go Beaner! Nana is so proud of you. And she is very proud of Mommy and Daddy, too. ♥ Hugs and kisses to all.