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Eat Happy!


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Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Light at the End of the Tunnel- A Close to CHOP

After yesterday afternoon’s successes, we were skeptical about today. As history would say, what works half the day, crashes the next half. Fortunately, today was a change in the pattern. Yesterday afternoon’s 3pm and 6pm feeding went very well, today’s feedings went well also. This is fantastic news. The only glitch was one feeding, Ian seemed to dump a little more. All his sugars had been 65-110 with the exception of one 143, followed by a 56.

The 143 signals a dump of food that elevates the glucose in the blood rapidly and considerably. The 56 thirty minutes later is no surprise. After a large “dump” of food, the insulin surge overcompensated. If the sugar is below 60 and Ian has no symptoms, which he didn’t, nothing needs to be done. If symptoms had been present or it dropped below 50, we would give him sugar-water to bring it back up.

All in all, the day was a medical success..... finally. This means tomorrow discharge is looking better and better. As long as all goes well tonight and tomorrow morning, the light at the end of the tunnel should be approaching very soon.

With a visit from Nana and Pap, Ian seemed to have laughs and smiles, despite his bruised and scabbed toes. He took many trips to the atrium where he played with some toys and pointed to lots of shapes on the tile floor. He ran around and looked as though he was trying to escape a couple of times..... not that I blame him! Tom and I have seen “the outside” twice since our arrival one week ago. I am sure many families go much longer. It begins to mess with your mind.

The atrium has two very large, tall glass enclosures with all kinds of colored metal tracks for small balls to roll around. There are different paths for the balls depending on how they fall on other parts of the path. it is very cool. There are cranks and buttons which release other balls onto other parts of the toys. The paths have gongs, bells, and metal pipes. When the balls fall a certain way, they set of the noisemakers, echoing in the atrium. The kids love them. 

 CHOP atrium toy

Ian has taken a huge liking to an Elmo Microwave toy from the playroom. He likes to take it on all of his wagon rides. He is still cruising for and schmoozing all the pretty nurses. Everyone seems to comment on how cute he is. Overall, things seem to be steering in the right direction.... however, that has fooled us many many times. We are trying to think positive. Tomorrow morning, our Dietitian, Robin, and Dr. Blinman will be in to visit. Assuming we get the go-ahead, tomorrow should be “D-Day,” discharge day!!

Cupcake Anyone?

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