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Eat Happy!


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Monday, July 9, 2012

Outdoor Fun

Last month Ian had a great trip to the park.  He enjoyed walking on all the playground equipment, no surprise there!!  It was a very hot day so we only spent about an hour playing.  I made sure to give him a few big boluses of pedialyte to hydrate him.  He especially likes the swings.  My sister Amy and I enjoyed playing on the see-saw.

Staying cool with my shades

Amy and I having childhood fun

Free Swinging

Walking the see-saw with Pap

On July 4th, Ian had lots of water fun.  He enjoys playing with the sprinkler.  He does want to run through it, but likes trying to catch the water.  He also loves his little pool.  We use it here at the house for him to splash him.  At first we were worried about at cold water..... but with it being over 100 degrees here in northern Virginia lately, it only takes about 20 minutes to get warm..... and only a couple hours to become a spa!
In has started swimming lessons and likes to kick and splash.  He practices more in the tub than at the YMCA, but he likes it all the same.  He will be taking lessons every Saturday throughout the summer.

Reaching for the Sprinkler

Walking through the grass in my swimsuit...... except I have little legs ;)

4th of July pool party

Ian loves to play outside.  We even got a water table for him to play with on the deck.  He loves to pour the water out onto the deck with cups and scoops.  He does splash around in the water too.  His bath toys have quickly become dual-purpose toys!

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