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Eat Happy!


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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Changing Ian's G Tube Button

Since there are many curious minds about how we insert, change, and remove G-tube button... I decided to post a video of the event.

Unfortunately, it is usually an "event." Button changes for Ian are rarely a *pleasant* experience. Ian h as very fair and super-sensitive skin, and while not inflamed or problematic, his stoma (G-tube *hole*) is almost always a little more sensitive and red. Tonight we changed his button and he was VERY tired.

Ian's site was not inflamed or *infected* in any way, just uncomfy. I know it isn't a pleasant video, but I wanted anyone interested in knowing, to see how we do this.

As a fair warning... This video does show medical sites and procedures that some may find uneasy to watch. Please be assured that we do everything we can to make the process quick and as painless as possible for Ian.

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