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Monday, June 25, 2012

Philly Fun

It wasn’t all doctors appointments and testing while we were visiting Philadelphia a few weeks ago.  We had the opportunity to venture into the city with our host Jennie.  We decided to check out the Penn campus and visit the “Please Touch” museum.
On the first day, Ian was running all over campus, little backpack “feeding backpack” and all.  He fit right in with all the other students.  It was adorable.  He was picking up all the ladies.  Jennie, a great photographer, took some family photos and some of us having fun with Ian on campus.

mini-LOVE sign on Penn campus
Ian playing with LOVE 
Discussing life with Ben Franklin

Playing on the Penn campus stairs... no surprise there!

Playing on a "button" statue on Penn campus

Playing on Penn campus stature steps

On the next day, we ventured through west Philly to get to the museum.  I found myself singing all the “Fresh Prince” lyrics as we traveled by.  We were definitely in a part of town where we promptly locked our doors.  Then, all of a sudden, poof...... a beautiful part of town with a very large museum in a large field.
Ian had a grand time in the museum.  It is designed so that the children can touch and play with everything.  Ian played with a “water park” with ducks and toys.  They had the cutest aprons to put on to keep them clean.  Ian also enjoyed the rainforest, cars, trains, and construction site.

Rainforest playtime

Water pool

Two of his favorite places to play were the Alice in Wonderful exhibit and the Space exhibit.  Alice in Wonderland had a cool rabbit hole and an awesome maze with all the characters included.  I particularly enjoyed the room which began large and got smaller as you walked through.  We had a great family photograph there.  The mirror mazes and bits of cookie were a nice touch too.
Rainbow in Nursery rhyme exhibit

Spinning Wheel

Mother Goose

Alice in Wonderland mirror maze

Alice in Wonderland room

Alice in Wonderland tea party

Alice in Wonderland maze

Alice in Wonderland maze

After the nursery rhyme exhibit where Ian could climb on geese, play with a spinning wheel, and rock on a boat, we went to the Space exhibit.  There was a very large telescope with a rocket launcher and a pad where a camera put you on the moon on a big screen.  Ian had fun pushing all the spaceship buttons.

Space Camera

Rocket Buttons

Space "wheel"

The museum also has great places for kids to grocery shop, walk down streets where tailors and restaurants wait on you, and even a large piano as featured in the movie “Big.”  Ian was running back and forth making all sorts of music and lighting up the keys.

"I'll take 3 of these please"

"That's $4.50 ma'am"

Song writer Ianer Beaner

After all this fun, Ian was very sleepy and he took an excellent nap.  I hope we can continue to do fun things with him as we travel back and forth.  I love the idea of making Philly fun for him, while the doctors help him at the same time.


  1. It Philly is so nice I am glad you got to do something besides the spital what we call the hospital.. Do you go to CHOPS?

  2. We do go to CHOP, we love it there.