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Saturday, May 19, 2012

March of Dimes: March for Babies Mother’s Day Weekend

March of Dimes: March for Babies

Last Saturday was Washington, DC’s March for Babies walk for the March of Dimes.  For those of you who do not know, the March of Dimes is an organization whose mission is to help moms have full term pregnancies and focus on the diseases that threaten babies.  They also have a Prematurity Campaign.  There are lots of interesting and disturbing facts about premature babies on their site.
Last year was our first year walking and Ian was 8 months old.  Adjusted age, he was 5.5 months.  We walked with our Reston, VA Hospital NICU team.  Ian was the team’s ambassador!  It was very emotional and also very uplifting.  This year, we had some out of town guests and were not able to make the Reston walk.  We decided to do the Washington, DC walk the following weekend.  The walk was held at Nationals Ballpark.  There were over 1500 people.  Our team raised over $3,000 for the walk.  Again, it was a very emotional, but very uplifting day.
This year Ian was 20 months, 17.5 months adjusted age.  He was able to walk during parts of the march and was running down some of the DC streets having a blast!  It was wonderful to see such a smile on his face, enjoying the outdoors and all the people.  Since the walk began and ended at inside the stadium, everyone had the chance to march around the warning track and even cross home plate.  The Jumbotron featured each team, or family, as they crossed home plate.  It was pretty awesome to see Ian on the big scoreboard!
We had beautiful weather and all the children, babies, and family were in such good spirits.  It made me so happy to see so many “in honor of” t-shirts.  There were also quite a bit of “in memory of” t-shirts.  I find these families to be the strongest.  As emotional of a day this is for families such as mine, to be able to fight and support when your preemie is an angel must be the strongest fight ever.  The love and support for these teeny-tiny babies was overwhelming!
I have included a few photographs from our day.  We took the metro into Washington, DC and then participated in the walk.

Here is a photograph of Ian from the NICU, and one from the walk last year (2011)

If you would like to support March of Dimes’ March for Babies, please visit:
Mother’s Day
Since mother’s day was the same weekend, we celebrated on the same day.  It was very nice to have the two events coincide.  This was my second mother’s day.  Last year, my first, half of it was spent in the car... however; the first half was spent with family and one of Ian’s great-grandmothers.... very very special!!
We had a nice dinner and Ian played with the boys until he was laughing very hard.  He had such a good day.  Between getting up at 5am to leave for the metro, being at the walk in the sun for hours, and then staying up for family events into the evening.... he was really ready for a good night’s sleep.  All in all, it was a fantastic day and I felt very blessed to share it with my favorite little boy.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this March for Babies 2012 year special........ babies, families, nurses, doctors, and support from areas all over the country!  We are forever grateful for all that you do!

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