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Friday, May 11, 2012

Blenderized Diet

I know that I have mentioned this in the past, but I thought I would revisit since I am going to be adding a section of resource links for this topic.  The blenderized diet made small improvements for Ian, but unfortunately was not able to provide him enough relief.
Another reason for revisiting this topic is it can provide a lot of relief for retching after Nissen Fundoplications.  The exact reasons are unsure, and multiple theories exist.  Regardless, hundreds of people have been able to find relief and relief for their children.
Almost any food possible can be used in blenderized diets.  They can be for both oral and tube feeding.  There are lots of ways to follow through with this diet.  There really is no WRONG way, just precautions.
Although there are lots of ways to carry out the diet.... one thing seems to remain true.  While there are lots of loyal followers to all types of blenders, the Vitamix seems to outperform them all.  A friend of mine who manages the Real Food for Real People site mentioned that he thought it would pulverized a cell phone if he wanted it to.... and you know what..... I believe him!
When we were using this diet for Ian, we invested in a Vitamix.  And I do say investment.... this is not you $75 Cuisinart blender!  But it is well worth the money spent!
Please use these resources if you feel the urge or inclination to dive into the blenderized diet.  it is a wonderful way provide full, healthy nutrition that does NOT come out of a can.  A long time ago, this was all that was used for tube feedings, as formulas and medical foods were not formalized at this time.
Pureed by Gastrostomy Tube Diet Improves Gagging and Retching in Children With Fundoplication
Food For Tubies: Real Food for Real People
Making your own food for tube feeding
Homemade Blended Formula Handbook
Blenderized Food for Tubies Page- Free Facebook Login
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  1. There is now a 100% real food, shelf stable option for those that are tube fed. You can learn more about it here: