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Eat Happy!


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Thursday, February 23, 2012

First the BAD and the UGLY........ Now the GOOD! SPEED RACER

Despite the antibiotic and diarrhea along with the recurrent ear infections and the thought that we will be meeting with an ENT next month for potential surgical ear tubes... Ian is thriving in LOTS of areas.

It is very easy to spend so much time dwelling on the negative that sometimes the positives go unnoticed.  Ian is doing exceptionally well when it comes to many of his developmental skills.  He made m laugh today while we were playing outside.  It was in the mid 60s and above today in northern Virginia and Ian was driving his Lighting McQueen car around on the driveway.... and I mean HE was driving it!!  All I did was turn the wheel as he was getting to the edge.  He was pushing the button and putting his hands on the wheel.  It was too cute!

He was running all over both inside and outside.  He has also discovered that he can push the coffee table and ottoman away form the stairs and crawl up.  We have removed all of our baby gates as our house is up for sale... or, it WAS up for sale.  We currently have a contract pending and also have a contract offer on a new townhome!  it is all very exciting.... and Ian is taking advantage of all the lacking babyproofing!!
He continues to thrive with his feeding and oral therapy.  We are on hold right now with the specialist because until they begin removing and-or decreasing his tube feedings, we cannot do much more.  Ian is eating several things now in small quantities.  While they do not constitute a meal by any means, he is broadening his range.  His new adventures include Cheerios, Lucky Charms and marshmallows, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Goldfish, pieces of chocolate bar, crackers, and even a few wet and slippery things.  As I was eating a sub the other day, a red onion sliver slipped out.  Ian was sitting on my lap and immediately picked it up and began chomping on it!  Ian’s feeding specialist said he would especially love foods that provided lots of oral feedback: sounds, taste, spice, texture.  I suppose that is why he likes the pepperoni and onions.

The feeding specialist is keeping a close eye on his speech as it has a very minor delay.  She does not seemed concerned at this time which is wonderful.  Ian has mama and dada down very well.  He has also started saying “nah” for no and “uh” for uh oh.  We used to get a few sounds for duck, book, and ball, but he seemed uninterested at this time.  His first word was “DUCK” back at the end of 2011.
He also still really enjoys his Baby Einstein videos and Sesame Street.  Elmo is his favorite of course!!!  His favorite Baby Einstein seems to be Baby Neptune now.... he LOVES the ducks!  That’s mommy’s god boy!!!!  (I love ducks by the way, lol)  We watch a lot of SPROUT TV which is a PBS kids channel.  He likes the music especially and still seems to be my RIGHT BRAIN kid.  His free spirit and contagious happiness is extraordinary.  On the flip side, he has become quite the whiner!  And is also beginning to refuse nap times... that won’t be happening!!
All in all, he seems to be doing very well and surprises us with something everyday!  We are excited about his progress and about the progress we seem to be making as a family.  Hopefully, by the end of March or the first week in April, we will be living in our new homes with a large stressor put behind us.  March and April bring another slew of appointments for Ian: consult with the ENT, consult with the metabolic diseases and genetics department at CHOP to rule out genetic problems and disorders, and also a followup with the surgical department at CHOP for his blood sugar/feeding/tube/vagus nerve control.
I apologize for the delay in getting all these new updates posted, but with the hospital admissions racking up here in the last 6 weeks, we have been enjoying every moment we can with Ian.  Thanks again for all the support, prayers, and love!


  1. Katie.....You do a marvelous job writing this Blog. I am so proud of you! Of course, as his Nana, I see most of what is going on with Ian, but is it a joy to read your posts and see the pictures. Thanks for continuing to do this for your family and friends. I love you.

  2. Katie, ask lots of moms and they will tell you that their child was either an early talker OR and early walker...I had one of each :) Ian sure has the motor stuff going - especially when you adjust for age, so I'm sure he'll be chatting away in good time. And you can always ask for a consult - I happen to know a speech-language pathologist.

    1. Hmmmmmm, NY would be a long commute ;) but I bet she's worth it!!!!!!

  3. All I can say is you are doing great mama!! :) I guess I am wrong...I can also tell you as an adult that has had three sets of ear tubes in the last 6 years that they are definitely no biggie (aside from being careful not to immerse the head in water) The worst thing I remember from all three was the incessant itching. I had a temp set that stayed in a little over a year (6 months is the norm) a set of T-tubes that was supposedly only going to last a year and were in for several until one got plugged during a nasty middle ear infection I somehow managed to get in which the tube had to be pulled or I would have ruptured my ear drum (which would have definitely ruptured had I not had a tube to pull) and then the third set was placed around a month later and I currently still have those. That last set was during the summer and I remember the left one actually hurting when I put the drops in during recovery but they said it was due to the harsh infection I had prior to the placement and while the infection was gone the ear was still very irritated. I can also tell you that MOST kids overcome the typical ear infections all on their own. I NEVER let my mom know when I had one as a baby and the docs would usually be doing a well child exam and tell her I was getting over one...and I STILL only get itchy and irritable rather than pain until it reaches the rupture stage. My son also gets them frequently and in 9 years he has only ever gotten antibiotics for MIDDLE ear infections which are generally bacterial not viral like the inner and outer ear infections. He has gotten over every one of his with no problems and the only thing we did was administer antipyrine drops to decrease pain and irritability. Keep it up are doing great. :)