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Thursday, February 23, 2012


After Ian’s first visit to the hospital for the stomach virus, he came home and was doing well... for about 12 hours.  We ended up back at the ER the following morning for the same diarrhea and dehydration.  While he was not as hypoglycemic as the first few times, he was running low on blood sugar.  We were admitted, again...
Once we arrived in our room, all of the nurses and doctors immediately recognized us.  This was Ian’s third admission in 6 months on the floor.  They ran another Clostridium difficile (c diff) test... or so we thought.  A few days later we discovered the lab never ran the test.  Apparently they have the ability to override physicians orders.  Due to the new “sensitivity” of the toxin testing, only one test is run per 7 days!  Well, thanks for telling me that!
For a few days, Ian was on isolation due to the unknown virus that might be circulating inside his little body.  This time, I offered the information from our doctor at CHOP.  They called him immediately.  The surgeon removed Ian’s food right away.  This time, he was going to be 36 hours without tube or oral feedings.  The IV was going to provide enough sugars to string him along for a bit.
Ian missed his buggy rides around in the hospital and we eventually had the chance to take him to see the fountain and playroom.  He is such a flirt!  Even as a sick kid, he picks up all the nursing students and clinicians.  Somehow, he managed to be full of smiles and giggles.  Sadly, I feel that he has started to feel at home in the hospital at times.

Once Ian has been without food for a bit, all he wanted to do was eat!  Imagine that, my child, eating by mouth!!  It was actually a struggle to keep him satisfied.  once the surgeon at CHOP began introducing feedings again, we offered food orally.  Ian ate a couple hundred Cheerios while we were admitted.  He even ate a chocolate chip cookie and some yogurt.  I wish this would have stayed... while he is still eating orally, it has scaled back considerably from the hospital.
The final diagnosis again was viral gastroenteritis.  The doctors believe he was simply discharged too early and had not been given the time to recuperate.  Being off the feedings for a longer period of time allowed him to stabilize more.  We were there for one week this time.  It was a long week, and while things weren’t perfect, we came home.
Ian was glad to be home and back in his own bed.  I was once again amazed at how resilient and brave he can be.  Watching your child be poked and prodded and stuck over and over again, it begins to both become normal, and become horribly depressing.... neither of which is good.

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  1. Nana is so proud of her brave little boy. I'm glad you're feeling better, now.