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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another Ear Infection......

Ian was diagnosed shortly after his return home with another ear infection.  As usual, he was placed on an antibiotic.  I knew this would be trouble, as Ian’s little body simply cannot tolerate antibiotics.  It was only a matter of hours before the explosive diarrhea return, as worse as before.  However, Ian seemed able to stay ahead of his hydration and blood sugar this time.
We continued to watch as things progressed and hoped we would not end up back in the hospital.  After being on the drug for 4 days, we had to make a trip to the pediatrician.  I mentioned my strong feeling toward c diff and she agreed it was a possibility.
The cause for the visit was the new addition of blood and mucus in the poop.  Tom and I both knew that was not normal were concerned.  The doctor informed us that the mucus and blood were from colitis.  Because Ian has been having continual diarrhea for one month now, he had eroded away the lining in his colon.  As serious as this sounds, it can get much worse.  This needs to be addressed before a perforation is established.  the c diff can wreck serious havoc on his colon.

The pediatrician recommended we immediately stop the antibiotic.  She said his ear looked fine now.  She also put us on poop collection committee!  Many vials and diagnostic tubes came home with us and we started scoppin’ poopies!!  HOORAY!  We finally filled all the vials today and I will be taking it to the lab tomorrow.  I am both hoping and fearful of some kind of diagnosis.
We also started Ian on a different probiotic.  Ian had been taking the Cultruelle for Kids daily.  We now are giving him Florastor for Kids.  He has taken this before, but we had switched him because of the much much much higher cost.  As this is an over-the-counter product, Medicaid and insurance offer no relief.  After looking into other combinations on the market, Tom and I decided to buy in bulk to save some money.  The Florastor for Kids has saccharomyces boulardii in it.  This is a special yeast that has been proven to target diarrhea in the GI tract and can be helpful for c diff infections.  Sometimes c diff infections can last months or years.  Antibiotics can also be helpful, however, Ian has a new note in his chart that reads:
Child is NOT to have antibiotics unless absolutely necessary!

I am sure that c diff would qualify... however, they do not want to give him the antibiotics now to treat c diff until the toxin tests confirm it is there.  Since removing Ian from the antibiotic and adding the Florastor for Kids, the diarrhea has subsided.  We are down to about 3-4 diarrhea diapers a day instead of 8-12.  When we were in the hospital and when he was on the antibiotics for the ear infection, we were anywhere from 15-30 in a day.
I am hoping that we are starting to make some progress.  Tom and I continue to tackle each scenarios as it presents itself.  After the GI trend, I can only imagine what will be next...  I am afraid to even think it!

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  1. Jennifer Zobel (on fb page for kids with tubes)February 23, 2012 at 9:26 PM

    I just wanted to let you know my daughter dealt with the c.diff for 7 months. We did the normal treatment for it and it would go away, but once the med was stopped it would come back. We finally had to do a fecal transplant on her. I pray your little one doesn't have c.diff. I also wanted to let you that Florastor isn't a probiotic, but a yeast. We were told to do both the Culterelle and FLorastor together. In fact she is still on them and has to be on them for another 2 months. If it comes back he has c.diff and you have any questions or concerns I would be happy to help you out.