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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Pit-Stop at the ENT

January 25, 2012

The Wednesday after the bleeding incident, Ian just happened to have an appointment for his 12 month hearing test... a little behind!  While we were there, we found this a great opportunity to speak about the previous weekend.
Ian’s ears were perfect and he was simply adorable sitting with me in the little sound proof booth listening to all the sounds.  There are lights and small barking toy dogs and such inside.  The Audiologist would trigger the sounds and wait for Ian to turn and respond.  He even heard the very low and very high beeps.  He wanted so badly to get down and investigate all the “toys” that were making noises; but then another noise would go on and he would search for that one.  It reminded me of the dog in “UP.”  He was very easily distracted.
Ian’s hearing was perfect and the results were uneventful.  When the test was over, I felt the extreme urge to remain alone in the sound proof booth and take a nap.  according to the Audiologist, this is a common request by parents!
We once agin visited with the nurse practitioner and she observed the clot in Ian’s nose where she believes the bleeding began.  This is the same clot that the pediatrician saw during the hospital admission.  She confirmed also that the culprit was most likely the Nasonex.  To make sure the bleeding was not stemming from the back of the nose, she took a small scope and viewed the back of Ian’s nasal cavity...... he liked the barking dog way better!!  Nothing was noted and she again confirmed that we had stopped the Nasonex.
We informed her that we would be following up the very next day with CHOP and verifying anatomy again with another upper GI series.

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